FGTS: SEE how to anticipate installments of the birthday withdrawal


Caixa Econômica Federal provided a new function for workers to have access to FGTS values. The option concerns the anticipation of the birthday withdrawal.

The birthday withdrawal came into force this year and, according to Caixa, around 760 thousand advances have already been made.

Up to three installments can be anticipated, with the minimum contracting amount being R $ 2 thousand. The loan’s interest rate is 0.99% per month and 12.54% per year. In addition to Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil also made the new modality available.

According to the president of Caixa, Pedro Guimarães, the money will be released digitally, without the need for the worker to go to an agency.

“The loan consists of an advance payment of the amount made available in the month of your birthday. The FGTS balance is used as a guarantee for the operation, bringing simplicity and agility to the contracting ”, said Caixa. “Credit is quick and easy, without bureaucracy. Just access Internet Banking, simulate, hire and use the resource ”, he concluded.

Loan Advantages

According to Caixa’s president, the advantages of the loan are the cheaper interest rates for individuals, 0.99% per month.

“You can anticipate one, two and even three years. And the amount is also varied, up to the limit of the balance, having at least R $ 2 thousand ”, he said.


  • Interest per month: 0.99%
  • Interest per year: 12.54%
  • Minimum loan amount: R $ 2 thousand
  • Anticipation of up to three years of the benefit.
  • Ease: Fast and easy to hire credit
  • Practicality: Automatic and single payment
  • Speed: Money in the account the day after hiring
  • Convenience: Does not weigh in the budget because there is no monthly installment

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  • Be over 18 or emancipated
  • Have a savings account or checking account at CAIXA
  • Be with CPF in a regular situation in the IRS

How to hire the credit line

According to information from Caixa, the worker may hire the Anticipation Withdrawal Birthday FGTS “Wherever you are, in the palm of your hand or on your computer, in a completely digital way,” said the bank.

Join the birthday loot

Sign up for CAIXA Internet Banking, CAIXA app or FGTS app and indicate CAIXA. Check the amount you are entitled to.


It is possible to contract through the branch network and also through CAIXA Internet Banking.

Right now, due to the need for adjustments to the digital channel due to the high demand, hiring is being carried out only at the branches. Soon they will be available again through Internet Banking and the CAIXA application.

Money in the account

CAIXA blocks the balance in the FGTS account for guarantee purposes and releases the amount of Prepayment in your account the following day.


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