Fight between woman in bikini without mask with restaurant customer in Rio goes viral on the internet | Rio de Janeiro


A riot between two women in bikinis, who were in a convertible car, and a regular at a bar in Leblon, in the South Zone of Rio, went viral on social media over the weekend.

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The scenes were recorded on Dias Ferreira Street, one of the busiest in the neighborhood. The two bathers, without masks, were filmed dancing in a convertible car without a roof.

The architect Aline Araújo, who was in a nearby restaurant, bothered, threw two bottles of water on top of one, Sheila Mack.

Sheila then gets out of the car and goes to Aline, slapping. The two attack each other, and Sheila returns to the car.

The images also show that a man, who would be Aline’s boyfriend, goes to the car where Sheila is, and rips off the top of her bikini, which gets back on the vehicle and leaves the place.

On social media, Aline and Sheila gave their versions of what happened. Aline said she was uncomfortable with the situation:

“If I had known that at eight o’clock at night there was a porn movie going on outdoors, I would obviously have stayed at my house with the children, but when that happened, I was annoyed and I really threw water at the woman to stop her from that fire. she was, ”said Aline.

Sheila countered, saying she was provoked and had the reaction to jump out of the car where she was.

“We were enjoying our vibe (sic), our wave, we had drunk, open hood, convertible car. I heard a girl screaming whore … Face of mocking, she sent me a kiss. Not satisfied, she attacks a bottle of water … my reaction was to jump out of the car. I jumped because I was so angry. She said: ‘Come’. I got hit, I shot back. “

According to experts, nerves are on the skin and affecting people’s behavior.

“There is the pandemic factor, the political polarization factor, there is the social network factor. You get your nerves on edge and you want to affirm social superiority. There. It is not just a Brazilian problem. It is a worldwide problem, said the psychoanalyst Francisco Daudt da Veiga.


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