Find out which group will receive the 4 additional installments


The Federal Government formalized this week the extension of the emergency aid. According to the provisional measure signed by President Jair Bolsonaro, four more payments will be made with a new value, which will be R$ 300. However, according to the proposal, the program will be closed in December this year for all beneficiaries. That is, although the five payments of R $ 600 are guaranteed, not everyone will be able to receive the four additional installments. That’s because many started getting paid later.

The first deposits of the benefit were made in April. In this way, only those who were paid in that period will be able to receive the four installments of R $ 300. Those who started receiving late will receive the number of installments according to the month of the first payment.

For example, the group of the last approved in the program, whose first installment was credited in July, will receive only a portion of R $ 300 at the end of the year. Check below how the payments will be in the extension of the benefit, as established by the Ministry of Citizenship:

  • Whoever received the first installment in April will receive the four installments of R $ 300;
  • Whoever received the first installment in May will receive three installments;
  • Whoever received the first installment in June will receive two additional installments;
  • Whoever received the first installment in July will receive only one installment.

The MP for the extension of the emergency aid also established new rules for the payment of the benefit. Although the program’s income criteria have been maintained, some people may lose their right to payments. This is the case of those who got jobs or benefits from the INSS, prisoners who are in a closed regime and Brazilians living abroad.

In addition, the government has also changed the criteria related to income tax. Initially, it was considered the base year of 2018, and now it becomes the IR of 2019. Mothers who are heads of household continue to have the right to a double quota, as long as they are the only family member to receive the benefit.

Extension of emergency aid

As it was established by means of a provisional measure, the extension of the emergency aid came into force as of its publication. However, the proposal must still be approved by the National Congress.

Based on fiscal responsibility, the government decided to extend the benefit with a reduced amount. Thus, four more installments of R $ 300 will be paid. According to the president, the amount meets the basic needs of Brazilian families.

It is worth mentioning that it is not possible to register to receive additional installments. The benefit will be automatically extended to Brazilians who were already enrolled in emergency assistance.

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