Finnish airport uses dogs to detect corona infection – E24


The airport in Helsinki has used dogs to sniff out possible corona infection among passengers on arrival.

The dog ET together with trainer Anette Kare at the airport outside Helsinki on her first working day on Wednesday.

Antti Aimo-Koivisto / Lehtikuva via AP / NTB


The first four of the ten dogs started in the new job earlier this week.

– As far as we know, no other airport has tried to use the dogs’ sense of smell to such an extent against coronavirus, says airport director Ulla Lettijeff.

Trained dogs should be able to identify the virus before symptoms have set in.

Travelers arriving at the airport can be tested voluntarily by wiping their face with a paper towel. The paper is then placed in a cup that is given to the dog. If the dog signals a positive result, the passenger is sent to an information desk for further follow-up.



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