First image of Starfield, the mysterious Bethesda game, appears on the web [Rumor]


So far, space-themed game has only had one trailer officially presented

Announced by Bethesda in 2018, the mysterious game Starfield only had one trailer officially released so far. Recently, however, a supposed image of the game started to run the internet and showed what the expected game from the creator of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls should be like.

The leaked screenshot shows a character from the back in front of a spaceship, as well as interface elements that show various parameters of the gameplay. In addition to the screenshot, other assets that allegedly left the game also appeared online and are available in the tweet below.

Starfield’s images originally appeared on Imgur and were widely shared on social media. While the original source of the leak has already been lost, industry insiders point out that the content is from a 2018 build, when the project was announced.

As expected, Bethesda has not officially commented on the matter. The authenticity of the images has also not been confirmed and the information should be seen as a rumor.

Starfield no Xbox Game Pass

So far, Starfield has just won a teaser trailer, released two years ago at E3 2018. With a science fiction theme, the game will be the first new intellectual property at Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years.

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The newest information released about Starfield was confirmation that the title should be released directly on the Xbox Game Pass, when it is available on the market. Bethesda mentioned the arrival of the title in the service during the announcement of the Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax, which occurred last week.

“Microsoft will grow from 15 to 23 creative studio teams and will add iconic Bethesda franchises to the Xbox Game Pass,” said Bethesda in an official announcement. “This includes Microsoft’s intention to bring future Bethesda games to the Xbox Game Pass the same day they are released on Xbox or PC, such as Starfield, the highly anticipated new space epic currently under development by Bethesda Game Studios”

It is worth mentioning that Starfield does not yet have a defined launch date, nor even a window to reach the market. However, in the presentation of the project, Bethesda confirmed that the title is being made with the new generation platforms in mind.

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