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The first Sunday of spring was marked by strong sun, intense heat, crowding in public places and disregard for the rules of social distance in Brazilian cities. The heat hit a record in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Beaches and parks were packed.

The maximum temperature in Rio de Janeiro reached 39.2 ° C, at the Vila Militar station, West Zone, according to the National Meteorological Institute (INMET). The hottest day of the year in the city had been recorded on January 30 when the thermometers scored 38.8 ° C.

The city of São Paulo had a record heat in the year: 34.5ºC. The record was made by the station of the National Meteorological Institute (InMet) at Mirante de Santana, at 1 pm. The previous milestone occurred on September 12, with 34.1ºC. It was also the driest afternoon of the year in São Paulo. The average index was 21.8%, down from 23.4% last Thursday (10). In Cidade Ademar, in the South Zone, it reached 17.1%. The Civil Defense decreed a state of alert.

In cities in the Paraíba Valley and the Bragantine region, in the interior of São Paulo, the thermometers reached over 36 ° C.

With 38ºC, Campinas recorded the highest temperature of the year. The city went on alert after the humidity reached 13%. The last heat record in the metropolis was still during the winter, on September 12th, with a record of 35.6ºC.

Around 10 am, dozens of tents were planted on Ipanema Beach, in the South Zone. A decree published on the 18th of October extended sanitary rules against agglomerations, such as events with the presence of the public, concerts and staying on the sands until October 6. By decree, you are allowed to dive in the sea and practice individual sports, such as running and walking – but you are not allowed to stay on the sand.

It is also prohibited, on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, to park private vehicles across the coast. Only car owners who live in the area and hotel guests can stop. A city hall trailer removed unmarked cars that were in the parking lot. On the asphalt, many took advantage of the leisure area without a mask.

Leblon beach full this Sunday (27) – Photo: Reproduction / GloboNews

Praia Grande, in Ubatuba, on the north coast of São Paulo, was also crowded in the weekend marked by the heat. In the strip of sand, many bathers disrespected the recommendation of health agencies for the use of the mask, which helps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. At the kiosks, merchants have been instructing customers to wear the mask. Since July, the use of a mask is mandatory in the State of São Paulo and with a fine of R $ 524 for anyone who disrespects the measure.

Praia Grande, in Ubatuba, was full this Saturday – Photo: Talita França / TV Vanguarda

Paulistanos took advantage of the hot day to rest by the lake of Parque do Ibirapuera, in the city of São Paulo.

People rest by the lake of Ibirapuera Park, in the city of São Paulo, this Sunday (27) – Photo: Renato S. Cerqueira / Futura Press / Estadão Content

Climatempo meteorologists anticipate that the intense heat should continue next week, with the possibility of new records in São Paulo. Monday (28) is going to be hot and the temperatures will rise rapidly during the day, reaching 35 ° C in the afternoon.

The approach of a cold front should bring cooler winds at the end of the day, bring temperatures down by about 10 ° C, and relieve the heat on Tuesday (29), which had a maximum of 25 ° C. On Wednesday (30), however, temperatures are already starting to rise again.

Climatempo warns that dry air will predominate in the coming days, when the relative humidity of the air should remain below 20%. Guidance is for the population to avoid exposing themselves to the hottest hours and to stay hydrated.

A hot day causes crowding in parks and beaches; infectologist comments


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