Fisherman missing two years ago found adrift by fishermen


UA Colombian woman who was reported missing by the family two years ago was found floating in the air by fishermen, off a beach in Puerto Colombia, Colombia.

Angelica Gaitan, 46 years old, was found by fishermen about 2.5 kilometers from the beach, on the morning of last Saturday, 26 September.

As you can see from the images, released by the fishermen, the woman is clinging to a buoy that was thrown at her and is collected by both, unable to speak. She was taken to the hospital in shock and with hypothermia, but recovered.

Angelica’s story Gaitan involves allegations of mistreatment and domestic violence, which culminated in an escape from the family home in 2018.

In conversation with RCN Radio, Angelica explained that she was the victim of aggression for more than 20 years by her ex-husband. “The maltreatment started with the first pregnancy, he beat me, violently abused me,” he said, explaining that he never managed to leave the house because the two daughters were very young and did not have the support of the family, because of husband. He also said that the police were called, but he would go to jail for 24 hours, return home and the attacks would return.

Angelica, already on land, while waiting for the arrival of âmbulância.© Reproduction

In 2018 he was the target of a violent aggression that motivated his escape. “I wandered the streets for six months and then sought help,” he said, revealing that he has since been in a foster home. On Friday, however, she was evicted, which motivated her to launch herself into the sea. “I didn’t want to stay alive. A lady helped me with bus tickets and I went direct to the sea. I wanted to end it all, I had nothing at all, not even from my family because that man took everything from me “, he said.

Of the time that was adrift, little remembers, but it will have been almost ten hours. “The man who rescued me from the middle of the sea told me he was unconscious, floating. Thank God he was alive, and he threw me a buoy,” he said.

Angélica was put in contact with her family, in Bogota, and steps have already been taken to get you back home. “I was born again, thank God. If I had had an opportunity or a help, I would not have made that decision. Now I am very grateful because God wanted me to have a new opportunity to move on,” he finished.

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