Flor do Caribe: Cassiano unveils secret of Duke’s past; know which is


Cassiano will discover a great secret of Duke’s past (Jean Pierre Noher), in ‘Flor do Caribe’. Amaralina (Sthefany Brito), who helped the pair to escape in Guatemala, will say that she is looking for her grandfather and will show a photo. The heartthrob will be in shock when he recognizes his friend in the image.

In the chapter that will air this Friday (25), she will meet the pair on a ship again, and will tell her that she wants to go to Rio de Janeiro. “No, I never saw it. I have met all kinds of people in this world, but this guy here has never seen it”, will answer the character of Jean Pierre Noher when he sees the photo that the girl will show.

“Hey, Duke. Turn around a little bit,” will ask the pilot, who will recognize his partner in the image and will be curious to know why he omitted the information.


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