Florida, USA. Police end party that brought together more than 1,000 students |


Tallahassee police received more than a dozen calls that warned of “large crowds” meeting.

One of the gatherings took place next to an apartment block about three kilometers from the campus from Florida State University on Dixie Drive, and involved more than 1,000 people who concentrated outside the building.

The party took place at a time when about 1,500 students have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus since August 2.

Florida Governor Rick DeSantis called for student punishments not to be “draconian”, that is, excessively severe, arguing that students are “at low risk”. “We have to be reasonable and focus efforts where the most significant risk lies,” he added.

John Thrasher, dean of the University, in a letter dated September 18, cited by CNN, appealed to all students to wear a mask, to keep the two-meter gap and calling for students not to attend or to be party hosts or great meetings.

“The choices you make don’t just affect you. They affect your friends, families, teachers, university staff, the Tallahassee community in general and our ability to provide you with face-to-face classes and future events on campus,” says note.

According to the Johns Hopkins University count, the state of Florida has more than 701,000 confirmed cases and more than 14,000 recorded deaths.


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