For every Portuguese who died from Covid, another 10 were victims of cardiovascular disease


On World Heart Day, which is marked on Tuesday, the Portuguese Society of Cardiology (SPC) warns: “Cholesterol is the silent enemy of cardiovascular health and can lead to death”.

On average for each Portuguese who has died of Covid-19 so far, another 10 have been victimized by cardiovascular diseases. In recent months there has been an excess of mortality from diseases other than Covid, largely caused by strokes and strokes (strokes).

The explanation is that many patients have stopped going to the doctor due to fear or insufficient services, as he explained to the Renaissance Luís Negrão, from the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation.

“First, health centers do not serve them, and then, they do not turn to hospital emergency services for fear of the pandemic. Either people do prevention or they have to start taking the problem of cardiovascular diseases more seriously… or the situation will get worse ”, he warns.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, 63.3% of Portuguese between 25 and 74 years old have high cholesterol levels. “In Portugal, cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 29.5% of deaths, with myocardial infarction kills an average of 12 people a day. Having very high cholesterol can mean you are at imminent risk of suffering a myocardial infarction or stroke (stroke). ”

According to the expert, the fact that it is a preventable disease has made people forget the prevention commitments they made.

The result is early death or, at best, a marked loss of quality of life. “The main sequel is to live with heart failure, which is a disabling disease.”

Luis Negrão therefore leaves three great recommendations: stop smoking, try to eat healthier and exercise, even if walking.

Free screenings

To alert to this problem and inform the population, the Portuguese Society of Cardiology will have a giant artery at the Alegro shopping center, in Alfragide (Lisbon area), in the central square, from September 29 to October 4. Here it will be possible to see and learn more about the harmful effects of high cholesterol on cardiovascular health, as well as, to screen for cholesterol levels and other health parameters that may contribute to cardiovascular risk.

As high cholesterol is one of the main modifiable risk factors in cardiovascular diseases, SPC will also launch a digital campaign that will count on the collaboration of digital influencers and disseminate an awareness video in partnership with Cinemas NOS, from 1st to 7th October.

This campaign aims to alert to the importance of monitoring cholesterol levels, cardiovascular health and preventing these pathologies through the adoption of a healthy diet and lifestyle and, if indicated by the doctor, through medication to control cholesterol, informs one note sent to the newsroom.


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