‘Fora Bolsonaro’ renders complaint in STJD to Carol Solberg


Carol Solberg sent an “Fora Bolsonaro” after departure (Credit: Reproduction)

The player Carol Solberg was denounced by the attorney general of the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) after saying “Fora Bolsonaro” in an interview at the end of a match.

The athlete was included in two articles of the Brazilian Code of Sports Justice (CBJD). In the first, the 191, she failed to comply with the competition rules and in the other, the 258, she assumed any conduct contrary to discipline or sports ethics not typified by the other rules of the code.

The punishment for the athlete can be from R $ 100 to R $ 100 thousand for the first article and suspension of one to six matches for the second.

Carol, as well as the other players of the Brazilian Beach Volleyball Circuit 2020/2021, signed the participation term attached to the regulation in which she undertakes “not to disclose, through the media, her personal opinion or information that reflects criticism or may , directly or indirectly, harm or denigrate the image of CBV and / or the sponsors and business partners of the competitions ”.

The “proven non-compliance” of this rule provides that the athlete may have his participation vetoed by CBV in the next stage of the circuit.

In the view of the prosecutor of the STJD of volleyball, the athlete would not have fulfilled the part mentioned in the regulation. This may also lead to the prohibition by the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) of the player’s participation in the next stage of the tournament.

“The topic is quite complex and rich and I am sure that the commission that will be responsible for the trial will further brighten the debate on the issue,” said Attorney General Fábio Lira to UOL columnist Demétrio Vecchioli.

The “Fora Bolsonaro” said by Carol occurred after the bronze medal in the Saquarema stage, in Rio de Janeiro, at the Brazilian Beach Volleyball Circuit. Despite the fact that the statement gained a lot of repercussions, the summary of the match did not record what happened.

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