Ford pays up to R $ 93,000 for those who join the POS


Ford closed an agreement with the Metalworkers Union of Camaçari (BA) for a POS (Voluntary Dismissal Program) that starts this week and will pay up to R $ 93 thousand in extra salary for workers who join.

The company will also extend until the end of December the suspension of employment contracts (lay-off) of about 1.45 thousand own employees and suppliers that operate within the complex in Bahia. They have been out of the factory since March and, according to the union president, Júlio Bonfim, if necessary, the term can be extended to May.

Ford is the third among the five largest automakers in the country to announce POS to reduce idle labor in factories, intensified by the coronavirus pandemic. Of the group, Fiat and Hyundai have yet to announce such measures.

For the POS, the highest amount will be paid to those who have worked at Ford for more than 17 years. For the others, the value will vary from R $ 40 thousand to R $ 80 thousand, depending on the contract period. The group closed the ABC paulista factory last year and today has 6,500 employees in Camaçari. Another 3.5 thousand are in the suppliers of parts of the complex.

In a note, Ford said that “the goal is to adjust production levels to the significant market slowdown caused by the pandemic.” The POS is aimed at employees in the production area and enrollment starts from Thursday.

According to Bomfim, Ford started the year with the forecast of producing 215 thousand units of EcoSport and Ka, but the projection dropped to 136 thousand units “or less”. For him, the proposal of the Ford POS – which has an agreement not to make mass layoffs until 2023 – “is the largest in Brazil”. The company did not indicate a target to be reached.


Two weeks ago, Volkswagen workers approved a program for the group’s four factories, which employ around 15,000 people in all, to open a POS that offers up to 35 extra wages for employees who have been working for more than 30 years, a value that also follows a table according to the length of service.

Volkswagen started negotiations saying it had 35% surplus labor, or about 5,000 employees. According to the ABC Metalworkers Union, even if it does not reach the target, the company will not make cuts, but may adopt other flexibility measures, such as lay-off. The General Motors POS was joined by 294 workers in São Caetano do Sul and 235 in São José dos Campos (SP). Renault, with a factory in Paraná, has a POS to cut 747 vacancies, equal to the number of layoffs made in July and which it revoked after an employee strike.


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