former multinational executives saw defendants for corruption at Petrobras


Judge Luiz Antonio Bonat, of the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, accepted this Friday, 18, the complaint presented by the Task Force of Operation Lava Jato against Wanderley Saraiva Gandra and Viggo Andersen, respectively contracted and executive representative of the Danish Maersk in Brazil , who became defendants on suspicion of corruption and money laundering. In addition to the businessmen, Eduardo Autran, then subordinate to Petrobras’ Supply Directorate, was included in the action and will answer for crimes of passive corruption and embezzlement.

The group was denounced for allegedly participating in a corruption scheme set up to defraud ship chartering contracts signed by the oil company between 2006 and 2014. The damage was estimated by the task force to be at least $ 31.7 million.

The complaint, filed in August, was based on the complaint of Paulo Roberto Costa, former Petrobras supply director, who confessed to having received more than R $ 4 million in bribes to direct the state’s contracts in favor of Maersk through the transfer of inside information.

The payments would have been adjusted by Andersen and calculated on the basis of 2.5% of the value of the charters paid by Petrobras. The ‘commission’, according to the whistleblower, was passed on to the company Gandra Brokerage, created by Wanderley Gandra to broker the contracts, and divided equally between Costa and the Maersk executive himself.

Eduardo Autran, appointed as Costa’s subordinate and godson, would have deliberately promoted economically disadvantageous actions for Petrobras, in order to favor Maersk, which would have caused an estimated loss of US $ 23 million – as in the case of approving contracts under conditions that would result in overpricing.


Until the publication of this article, the report still sought contact with the defenses, but without success. The space remains open to demonstrations.

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