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The government pointed out that there was an increase in cases and hospitalizations by Covid-19 in Manaus, but ruled out the occurrence of a second wave of the disease. The most significant growth in hospitalizations occurs in the private network, according to the government.

Until Wednesday (23), the occupancy rate in the private network is 65.17% in ICU beds and 64.74% in clinical beds. Already in the public network, the occupancy of ICU beds reaches 72% and 40.36% in clinical beds. Until this Thursday (24), the total number of cases has exceeded 134 thousand.

See what is prohibited until October 26:

  • access to beach areas for recreation;
  • the operation of changing rooms and floating;
  • the operation of bars, even if in restaurant mode.
  • the holding of events in nightclubs, nightclubs, concert halls and real estate, for rental, for this purpose, such as houses, farms, farms, associations and clubs.

What can work, with restrictions:

  • restaurants and snack bars, until 10 pm, without live music;
  • social events, as long as the limit of 50% of the capacity of the event venue is obeyed, respecting the maximum limit of 200 people, ending at 0 am, in addition to compliance with the distance and hygiene guidelines;
  • the trade conventions and exhibition fairs, observing the limit of 40% of the capacity of the event venue and respecting the maximum limit of 500 people in the venue, in addition to compliance with the distance and hygiene guidelines already set.
  • convenience stores and similar establishments, until 10 pm, prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages inside, as well as outside.

The Amazon lived first wave of Covid-19 between April and May, when the capital’s public health system collapsed. At the time, the number of deaths in Manaus was 108% above the historical average.

On June 1, the government started easing the quarantine, considering the drop in the number of admissions by Covid-19. The decree allowed the return of non-essential trade, through four cycles.

The four cycle, which started on July 6, included authorization for bars and floats to operate. From the 27th of July, the opening of leisure, sport and culture activities in the state was also allowed.

Schools in Amazonas were the first in the country to reopen their doors. Private school units returned on July 6, and state schools returned with face-to-face classes for high school, only in the capital, in August.

With the relaxation of the quarantine, Manaus started to have days and nights with records of agglomerations at several points. Bars were found to fail to comply with protection measures and 150 were closed as a result, until Tuesday (22).

Parties and agglomerations disregard health rules issued by official health agencies.

The Ponta Negra Tourist Complex also registered an intense agglomeration of people after the reopening. The site was the first to have the opening suspendedon the 18th of this month.

On the 11th, at a press conference, the government reported that it registered a “slowdown” in the reduction of cases in Manaus, and pointed out that agglomerations were responsible for the increase in cases. The private health network registered an increase in the number of hospitalizations.

Now, with the new restriction measures, the government has authorized the application of fines to establishments caught in breach of regulations. The population can report cases of non-compliance through the 190. Among the penalties provided for, are:

  • warning;
  • daily fine of up to R $ 50 thousand for legal entities, to be doubled for each recurrence;
  • embargo and / or interdiction of establishments.

According to data from the Health Surveillance Foundation (FVS-AM), there was a 55.9% increase in the number of Covid-19 cases between epidemiological weeks 37 (September 6th to 12th) and 38 (September 13th to 19th), in Manaus – leaving 1,384 cases, at week 37, to 2,157 cases, at week 38.

Governor of Amazonas announced that he will re-close some activities to the public

Governor of Amazonas announced that he will re-close some activities to the public

Now it’s like this? What will post-pandemic leisure and entertainment be like?


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