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In France, the hunting season started controversially. The controversial chase of a deer by a group of hunting dogs in Compiègne on Saturday, September 19, marked the beginning of the six-month season that ended in March 2021.

In a video shared by animal protection associations, which is running on the Internet, one sees the deer, exhausted and frightened, collapsing on the ground in the middle of the city, where he sought refuge, while the dogs corner him. He would have stayed there for several hours. The animal was eventually helped by residents and activists from Abolissons la Vénerie Aujourd’hui (AVA), who turned away dogs and hunters to protect it.

However, the police were called to the scene and surrounded the area to control people and so that the animal was no longer scared. The images show people helping the deer that, until returning to the forest, rammed bars and other obstacles. The group only left the area when the animal returned safely to its habitat.

“It makes no sense to watch these scenes in the middle of the 21st century”, he condemned, in statements to Franceinfo, Stanislas Broniszewski, spokesman for AVA, an association for combating hunting with dogs,It stresses that this was not an isolated case. “It is really something that happens several times a year. When the animal they are hunting takes refuge in a building, in a neighborhood or even in a garden, dogs do not hesitate to enter, ”he told the The Parisian. For the activist, dogs, kept in kennels and trained to hunt and kill wild animals, are like “tools in the hands of hunters”.

For his part, Philippe Marini, Mayor of Compiègne, put the incident into perspective, which he described as “unfortunate” in statements to RTL. “Hunters must be extremely cautious, but problems of this nature are inevitable.”

According to the newspaper The country, hunting, practiced every year by more than one million French people, has always generated controversy in the country. According to the Spanish daily, associations have emerged in recent years that condemn hunting with dogs because it is “dangerous” for pedestrians, not “ecological” and a “source of noise” for residents of neighboring areas.

Text edited by Amanda Ribeiro


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