Frente Ampla wins in Montevideo and maintains tradition of the left in the Uruguayan capital


The engineer and former Minister of Industry Carolina Cosse will take over the city of Montevideo. With its victory, the Frente Amplio will have the seventh consecutive term in the municipality edit

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247 – The Frente Ampla coalition won this Sunday (27) the regional election in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. The engineer and ex-minister of Industry Carolina Cosse will assume the city hall, which concentrates one third of the country’s population. The front will have the seventh consecutive term in the municipality. In addition to mayors and councilors, governors of the 19 Uruguayan departments (states) were chosen.

According to projections made based on exit polls, the Frente Amplio won about 50% of the votes. The multicolored center-right coalition had approximately 40%.

Speaking at the party headquarters, Carolina Cosse said that her management will focus on “cleanliness, mobility and work”.

“Tomorrow I have the 1st meeting scheduled. It is with whom the 1st mayor of Montevideo was,” she said in reference to ex-president Tabaré Vázquez, also a member of the Frente Ampla. “I want to ask for 1 piece of advice. I say this with pride, because Tabaré is a historical leader, a historical reference in Uruguay,” he added.


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