From Google to Uber. Teleworking is the new normal for giants in different areas – Executive Digest


The list of major companies that decided that teleworking will be part of a more permanent reality, and not just a transition period imposed by the pandemic of COVID-19, continues to increase. Even after a vaccine, the health crisis is over and social detachment is not a rule, some multinationals will allow their employees to continue working from home.

In the case of Google, for example, the company started by indicating that workers would not have to return to offices until June 2021, but in the meantime it has extended the measure indefinitely. This taking into account an in-house survey, which showed that more than half of employees want hybrid schedules even after the pandemic has ended. In an interview with Time Magazine, CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google plans to respond to these requests.

Airbnb, for its part, will have workers at home until at least the end of August next year. To ensure that everyone has the best conditions to perform their respective functions, the company is offering $ 500 in office equipment and also a credit to be used specifically for the rental of properties provided by the platform.

As for Uber, the furniture company informed employees that they will be able to work from home by no later than 4 August. In this case too, a $ 500 voucher is offered so that they can have all the necessary equipment (office chair, for example).

Microsoft (with offices to reopen in January next year), Reuters (workers may be at home until the beginning of 2021) and Salesforce (telecommuting until the end of 2020), among others, are added to this list. In the field of social networks, the plans are longer: both Twitter and Facebook did not impose a return date on their employees.

This is also the path followed by Marstercard, which in May this year inflicted on employees who may remain remote until they are comfortable with the idea of ​​returning to the offices.


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