From “serigaita” to “lambisgoia”, Maria Vieira attacks Catarina Furtado: “The only ‘talent’ is to read badly and dirty”


Catarina Furtado is Maria Vieira’s new target. The actress attacked the presenter after the latter criticized the Chega party’s conduct.

Staunch defender of André Ventura, Maria Vieira did not like to know that Catarina Furtado is yet another national figure criticizing the leader of “Chega”. The presenter turned to social media to show her concern about the policies of André Ventura’s party, namely, with a recent motion, presented by the affiliate Rui Roque – a former member of the National Renovating Party – who asked for the approval of a controversial law on “withdrawing the ovaries to women who have abortions “.

“I am very concerned with what is happening in Portugal and what can and should be avoided! And stopped! What citizens are we creating, who are afraid of Education for Citizenship, which is, in the end, a ‘guide’ of survival for the human species, based on the values ​​that protect us ?! What citizens are we creating when some arrive (!!) to propose ‘removing the ovaries to women who choose an abortion, as a form of punishment’ ?! I want to believe that these black and very dangerous clouds will pass without dropping a water storm that would drown us. To us and to our rights! “, were the words of Catarina Furtado.

An opinion that soon received the disapproval of Maria Vieira: “Another serigaita who has lived at the expense of the public purse for years, a socialist / caviar avenue, whose only ‘talent’ is to read, from far to far and badly and poorly, the telepontos of mediocre and useless programs and a lick, who travels regularly to other continents, to pretend that he is very good and is very concerned with the ‘refugees’ who live far away, who decides to ‘attack’ Dr. André Ventura and the ‘Chega’! This television gentleman, who is always sucking public money, is fulfilling the mission that the 15 million injected by António Costa in the media demand from all of them! Chega is growing beyond measure, the people are opening the bar and discovering that he is being condemned to death by the damned socialists who usurped power in 2015 and these avenues of the system that make a living doing nothing, are all shooting in the same direction, afraid of losing their quotas and the money how the socialists fill them… their pockets. “

“This serigaita, among other lying alarms, says that she is very concerned because” some even propose to remove the ovaries from women “and this lambiscus says this knowing that she is debiting a lie and spreading hatred towards a man (André Ventura) and a party (Chega) that does not defend any of this and that has already proved, through a massive vote, that it does not defend and that it never defended or will defend something like this. Oh ´melher ‘, you are worried about losing your I think you’ve been raping for years, without producing anything significant and without having any talent or value, to earn a tenth of what the people are forced to pay you unintentionally! But Enough is here to stay and the Man who you and others like you want to slaughter will, sooner or later, end up directing the destinations of Portugal and cutting off the allowance that you are ‘chatting’, at the expense of those who work so hard to have so little… Accept that it hurts less … “, He concluded.

It should be remembered that the “Strategic Motion for Portugal” presented the following premise: “To women who miscarry in the Public Health Service, for reasons that are not of immediate danger to their health, whose baby does not present malformations or have been victims of violation, the ovaries must be removed, as a way to remove from the State the duty to repeatedly kill unborn Portuguese, who have no one to defend them in the current situation “. That same proposal was rejected by André Ventura.


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