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Advertising, loose claims and madness. It was Oslo FRP’s ruling on the government’s plans for carbon capture and storage. They have asked the party’s parliamentary group to say a clear no in the Storting.

The Storting group has now concluded.

– FrP’s parliamentary group has now taken a position on the project presented by the government, and has today decided to say no to the presented project, says Frp leader Siv Jensen to NRK.

– Too expensive and too high risk

Jensen believes that a large part of the costs end up with the taxpayers, and that the private companies take too little of the bill.

– When the state has to cover up to 80% of the costs, Norwegian taxpayers bear the significant risk in the project, says Jensen who also reacts to the fact that it is the private companies that become owners of the project and the technology.

FRP also believes that the government has not implemented the necessary cost and risk assessment measures.

– An example of this is that you run two parallel projects for no reason at all. This increases the bill and the risk for taxpayers, while at best you get to develop the same technology twice, says Siv Jensen.

She also reminds of the Labor Party’s failed moon landing to 10 billion kroner.

– This proposal from the government entails too high a price tag, and too great a risk for taxpayers. Therefore, FrP’s parliamentary group has today concluded that we do not find it justifiable to support the proposal put forward by the government, Jensen says.

Wild torpedoes «the biggest climate project in Norwegian industry»

– This is the largest climate project in Norwegian industry ever, said Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tina Bru (H) when she presented the plans for Project “Longship” on 21 September this year.

The plans provide full support for a carbon capture plant at Norcem in Brevik. It also opens up to give money to a project at Klemetsrud in Oslo. However, it requires that the project also receives other funding.

GETS SUPPORT FROM THE GOVERNMENT: Norcem’s plant in Brevik is Norway’s only plant for cement production.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The announced price tag of NOK 25.1 billion made the Oslo FRP wish the plans the same fate as the longship in Halden; buried.

Already the day after Brus’ presentation, they adopted a resolution to get the party’s parliamentary group to torpedo the proposal.

The resolution stated, among other things:

“The project is being sold to voters as a success. (…) These are advertisements and loose claims without coverage. (…) It is claimed that this is the industry of the future, but to produce an almost worthless product at extreme costs, and then dig it into the ground at even higher costs, is not industry, but madness (…) »

– We urge the Storting group to vote against Project “Longship”. We think it is relatively far-fetched to allocate 25 billion kroner to a project that has already been proven difficult to succeed, said county leader Geir Ugland Jacobsen in Oslo Frp to NRK at the time.

The government may be dependent on carbon aid from Frp

The costs for both capture facilities and the storage solution are estimated at NOK 25.1 billion over 10 years. Of this, the state is scheduled to pay NOK 16.8 billion. This requires that the project in Oslo also finds external funding.

Oslo Frp is afraid that Norwegian taxpayers will have to pick up the entire bill of more than 25 billion kroner if the project goes through the Storting.

The projects have the potential to cut up to 800,000 tonnes of CO₂ a year if they are realized.

The problem for the government is that it may just be the FRP that holds the key to getting the decision through in the Storting.


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