Geneva approves the world’s highest minimum wage. 3 785 euros per month


The vote that took place this Sunday in Geneva leaves no doubt, the inhabitants of Geneva, Switzerland, approved the proposal for a minimum wage of 21.3 euros per hour for those who work in the city.

The high salary is also justified because Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in the world, where the rent for a two-bedroom apartment can reach 3,000 francs and a coffee costs between 4 and 5 francs. The guaranteed minimum wage will be 4,086 Swiss francs per month for 42 hours of work per week, about 3 785 euros, which makes it thus the highest in the world, according to La Vanguardia.

The vote has had setbacks in the past. In 2014, voters voted against introducing a minimum wage. There were three attempts in Geneva to finally pass with 58% of the votes representing around 500,000 voters, according to official results published on Sunday.

Left-wing parties and trade unions defended the measure as a way to combat poverty and precariousness, at a time when the pandemic strongly affected the economy of a city that depends heavily on tourism, business travel and the comings and goings of thousands diplomats, experts and other officials visiting the many UN agencies based in the canton.

Reports of visible poverty are increasingly common, the newspaper writes. There are long lines of needy people waiting to receive food.

Currently, about 17,000 workers are paid below this minimum wage, according to several unions, stating that two out of three are women.


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