Get to know the step by step to settle YOUR debts in Serasa with up to 50% discount


Serasa launched a new action to help citizens pay off their debts. This time, the debts can be paid off at half the amount or less. The Serasa Limpa Nome action was created in partnership with Ativos SA and Recovery and everything can be done online, on the campaign website.

How to settle debts in Serasa Limpa Nome?

To participate in the campaign, it is necessary to access the Serasa website. It is also possible to access the application. Then, just enter the CPF and registration data. The debts can also be settled by WhatsApp, at (11) 98870-7025.

On the website or application, the consumer’s financial information will be shown. Debts are shown, if any. To check the conditions for settling each debt, just click to be directed to a new page. On this new page, the options for renegotiating each debt will be shown.

After choosing one of the options, simply choose to pay in cash or in installments and choose the best due date. The Serasa platform itself will generate one or more slips, depending on the payment method chosen and the preferred expiration date.

The ticket can be paid in the application of any bank and can also be printed and paid in person at agencies or lottery shops.

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This week, the Serasa started a new phase of Clean Name program, a step that will offer special conditions for the negatives to renegotiate their debts. The action can benefit 20 million consumers that have financial issues.

According to information from the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), at the beginning of September, no less than 26.7% of Brazilian families had overdue accounts in August, and 67.5% were in debt.

The action will enable the negative ones, especially those with debts in stores, banks, telephone and internet companies, to renegotiate their debts with up to 50% discount.

However, it is worth noting that consumers can only renegotiate debts with companies that have joined the “Serasa Limpa Nome” project, such as, for example, Itaú, Claro, Banco de Brasil, Oi, Sky, Santander, Casas Bahia, Riachuelo, among others.

“We have been studying the profile of consumers and their behavior in relation to debt payment opportunities, to always create new options that help the population to clear their name in this pandemic moment, and to resume consumption and credit. With the help of our partners, we continue on our mission to offer unmissable negotiating conditions and we know that this makes a lot of difference in the lives of so many Brazilians, ”said Lucas Lopes, director of Serasa Limpa Nome.


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