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DESPAIR: Tottenham’s Eric Dier gestures after being punished by Newcastle after the ball went over his arm in overtime in Sunday’s match. Thus, there was equalization and point sharing. Foto: CLIVE ROSE / POOL

Chief Justice Terje Hauge believes it is too early to pass any judgment on the new rules of conduct.

On Sunday, hands came into focus again. In overtime, Newcastle got the corner. It hit the head of Andy Carroll, who was in a duel with Tottenham’s Eric Dier. In the jump, Dier lifted his right arm and the ball hit it. Judge Peter Banks checked with VAR. He ruled hands on Dier and punished Newcastle who equalized. An angry Tottenham manager José Mourinho stormed into the locker room.

See the penalty situation here:

It looked like an involuntary hand from Dier. Previously, intent and distance were two factors, but that should have nothing to do with the new rules.

– If the ball hits the arm on what is an expected ball, then it is hands if the arm makes the body bigger no matter how involuntary it is that the arm is where the ball ends up, says referee in the Norwegian Football Association, Terje Hauge to VG.

A shot, a post or a free kick and corner is an expected ball. In addition, the judge must consider whether the body is made unnaturally larger. An arm that is at shoulder height, or above, is defined as the body being made larger.

Hauge points out that hands have been a topic since he started judging at the top level in 1988.

– No matter where I have traveled in Europe, hands have been a theme, says Hauge.

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Therefore, IFAB (Football International Law Committee) and FIFA (International Football Association) would have a common rule of thumb for the whole world. Therefore, the new interpretation should make it more predictable and no longer go at the discretion of the judge.

– The goal is to create a common understanding, so everyone can conclude, both coaches, the audience and the referee, says the referee.

Referee: Terje Hauge in the Norwegian Football Association. Photo: Marit Hommedal

But there is one but, where assessment comes in.

– When it is an unexpected ball, where the player stands with his back to or the player has no idea where the ball is, when the ball hits unexpectedly, or the ball hits another player so the ball changes direction, then it may be that the hands are not punishing. But the arm at or above shoulder height is still hands, says Hauge.

He does not want to comment on the situation with Eric Dier who ended in a penalty kick on Sunday.

The penal rules were changed in Europe on 1 June last year and in Norway on 1 January this year.

Jamie Vardy scored three goals as Leicester beat Manchester City on Sunday, two of them on penalties:

Lagerbäck: – Better before

Norway’s national team coach Lars Lagerbäck met the press to present the Norwegian squad for the upcoming national matches on Monday. Then the hands discussion became a topic. The Swede is skeptical.

– It’s become a lottery. It has not become easier either with VAR or the new interpretation of the hand rule, Lagerbäck said according to NTB.

Lagerbäck thinks the referee’s judgment was better than that the ball that hits the arm in the penalty area is automatically penalized.

“The one who was before, I think was better than the one who is now,” said Lagerbäck.

This was announced by the English football profile Gary Lineker in 2016:

This was announced by Lineker after Tottenham-Newcastle on Sunday afternoon:

– It must mature

Chief Justice Terje Hauge believes the debate will continue.

– But people must give the new rules a chance, in a year’s time we will have a greater understanding, and it will be easier to conclude, Hauge says.

– Do you think the new rules are a good development?

– It’s a little too early to say. Hands have been a challenge for as long as I have been involved, so something had to be done. We must give this time, it must mature, Hauge answers.

Hands are often discussed. Here is another controversial decision:

According to the chief judge, the new rules come with some challenges. Some people deliberately try to play the ball against their arms.

– It has been a bit of a sport that someone plays the ball up in the penalty area. It creates a new type of game that is a bit difficult, says Hauge.

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