Globo actor Ricardo Vianna claims to have assaulted his wife, but claims the aggression was mutual, says newspaper


According to Extra, the case goes to the Public Ministry

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According to Extra, the case goes to the Public Ministry

As you saw in STARRING, the actor Ricardo Vianna, best known for having acted in soap operas as Workout: Pro Dia Nascer Feliz, Summer 90 and to have participated in the fifth edition of Dancing Brasil, was accused of aggression and injury by his wife Aline Kryk, who filed a complaint at the Jacarepaguá Women’s Police Station in Rio de Janeiro.

The information was reported by columnist Leo dias, who had access to the police report. In the document, Aline says she was attacked by Ricardo and cursed whore, slut, manipulative e liar. Now, as reported by the newspaper Extra, a police completed the investigation into Ricardo’s report of assault.

The publication states that the artist confessed to the agents that he had attacked Aline, but it would have been a mutual aggression. The case goes to the Public Ministry.

According to the Women’s Service Police Station (Deam) in Jacarepaguá, all parties have already been heard. The investigation was reported and forwarded to the Public Ministry.

As soon as the controversy surfaced, Ricardo deactivated his account at Instagram. Sought by the newspaper, the couple has not commented so far.

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