Goals, assists, movement: Eduardo Sasha’s start in the Atlantic


Eduardo Sasha arrived at Atlantic on August 17th at the request of the coach Jorge Sampaoli. The confidence of the coach in the great athlete and, since the beginning of the trajectory, was reserve only in one match (in the debut). With the sequence of games, the striker has been showing what he learned under the Argentine command at Santos in 2019: intense movement and participation in offensive plays, with goals and assists.

Sasha has two goals, one of them in the Mineiro Championship final, and two assists by the Atlantic. Even when he does not participate directly in the goals, the attacker always appears as an important player in the attack.

The Galo player has nine finals in the Brazilian Championship. But what draws attention in Sasha is the movement. The attacker appears as an option for tables often in the opposing middle. See below on the heat map of the player in Srie A.

(Photo: Reprodu

“I’m not 9 fixed, I really like to leave the area to get the game. And, when the players on the flank receive the ball, I enter the area as a surprise element. out of the rear wheels. that way I like to play “

With Sampaoli, Sasha grew up in football. He ceased to be a side player to become a center forward. Under the command of the Argentine, the striker scored 14 goals and gave three assists in the 2019 Brazilian Championship.

When he arrived at Atltico, the player emphasized his reunion with Jorge Sampaoli. “a great coach, made me evolve a lot with my football, helped me a lot, so, I am very happy for this reunion, for being able to work with him again”.

Sasha’s contribution is not just on the offensive side. The striker adds three tackles in the Brazilian Championship – in one of them, he turned the play into an assist for Alan Franco to swing Santos’ net in the defeat by 3 to 1, by the 9th round.


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