Gobbi reveals that he had no intention of being a candidate and alert: “Corinthians will break”


This Thursday, Mario Gobbi participated in a live in which he officially presented Felipe Ezabella as his deputy in the campaign for the presidential election of Corinthians. When commenting on the relationship with his running partner, the candidate for the highest position in the club revealed that he initially did not aim to be the representative of the Reconstruction group in the election that will be held in November this year.

“I wanted the candidate to be Ezabella. I also invited someone else to be the candidate, it didn’t work. I understood that my role would be to give support, and nothing more. I did that, I proposed to give that support because Corinthians can no longer stay as it is in this old, démodé, bleeding management model. Hire 40 players in a management and come talk to me about titles. I tried to have two people go and I would be behind the support for all the experience I had at Corinthians, but I had to leave “, said the candidate.

Gobbi analyzed the financial crisis experienced by Corinthians and was adamant when proposing responsible management, which has as priority the health of the club’s coffers. The presidential candidate was alarming when talking about the current administrative model of Andrés Sanchez’s group.

“It is not a choice. The candidate has no choice. ‘No, I will continue building teams to be champion’. That is not it, he has no choice. People have to wake up. The team owes R $ 900 million, it will close the year with more than a billion. The way the club is, this management model that has to win titles is, the way the club is outdated. We have to build a strong club, with a strong box, the titles will come in a way pleasant, “said Gobbi.

“Corinthians is going to break. I could say here that I will build a super team and not build it, or say that I will build, build and break the club. The management model is outdated, we are proposing the model that is feasible for Corinthians “Putting Corinthians on track and not winning a title every two years, but being a protagonist in world football”, he added.

Ezabella was also present at the live and was asked about the risk of breaking with Gobbi if his ticket is elected. It is worth remembering that the lawyer ran for president in the last election, in February 2018.

“We didn’t meet yesterday and decided to create a ticket. We have been talking, working together since January. Some points of view that I had Mário convinced me otherwise and vice versa. We didn’t hold hands yesterday to participate in the interview. We are in a walk of months. There are different ideas, but the fights are never about ideas. We established the parameters and we have been working since the beginning of the year, I do not believe we will have problems with this “, guaranteed Ezabella.

Gobbi’s main opponent in the November election will be Duílio Monteiro Alves, the current Corinthians football director who was chosen to represent the situation in the election. In addition, Augusto Melo and Paulo Garcia are other names that will be in the dispute.

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