Godfall reveals a bit of its history with a new cinematic trailer


There is a story to follow behind this looter-slasher.

despite Godfall also reach the PC, this new bet from Gearbox, produced by Counterplay Games, is one of the most anticipated launch titles for PlayStation 5, which arrives on November 19th.

In the past we have had different types of trailers, dedicated to gameplay, mechanics and cooperative matches, but the reason why we should join the fight remains in the air.

The latest cinematic trailer tries to answer that by lifting the veil to its narrative where we have the classic rivalry within a brotherhood, which becomes a power struggle.

Inspired by the aesthetics of the game, this CGI trailer does not represent what the game is, but it gives us a good idea of ​​what awaits us, a lot of trouble, clashes of giant swords and armor, in a world that mixes fantasy and science fiction.

Godfall will be released at the Epic Games Store on November 12th and will be available on PlayStation 5 on November 19th.


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