Google announces new Chromecast with Google TV, remote control and three color options


During your event Launch Night In Google introduced its new Pixel line smartphones, the new Nest Audio with more powerful sound and, as it had already promised, the new Chromecast with Google TV, included remote control and integrated Assistant to simplify navigation.

With a new design for the Chromecast, making the body of the product more stretched than last year’s circular version, Google finally includes a remote control in the device box to get closer to its main competitor: Amazon’s Fire TV.

The new control has an extremely compact design and has navigation buttons and buttons dedicated to YouTube, Netflix and Google Assistant, allowing you to perform voice actions to watch a series or movie or search for a program just by speaking.

Google TV is the Google interface for Chromecast

Called Google TV from now on, the Google operating system gains news for the new Chromecast and will be launched in the coming months for the rest of the line. With the help of the Assistant, users will be able to enjoy content from the most varied streaming services such as Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, YouTube and more.

With voice commands integrated into the remote control, users will be able to search for series and films and discover something new based on what they have already seen, as well as being able to perform searches such as “show me funny movies” to display a wide variety of titles in the most diverse streaming platforms.

Google TV also offers the ability to Watch List, a personal list where users can add movies, series and programs from any streaming service to watch later, even using their smartphone with Google search to save the titles of interest.

Interestingly, Google did not reveal whether the new Chromecast has support for Stadia, Google’s game streaming platform that recently won a gigantic competitor: Amazon Luna.

The new Chromecast supports 4K resolution with HDR (standard Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR10 +) and up to 60 fps. The device is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable and is powered by a USB-C cable.

Offered in three color options – white, blue and salmon – the Chromecast with Google TV is now available on the international market for only US $ 49 (R $ 274), and can be purchased with 6 months of Netflix for US $ 89 (R $ 500). The device has no price and availability for Brazil.


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