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Google announced that the Google Assistant can be configured with new daily routines, designed to help remind the user not only of scheduled tasks, but also of activities generally left out, such as walking, drinking water and exercising.

Available for now in English only, the resource has been named Routines (routines, in direct translation) and is configured in conjunction with the digital wellness feature available in the Google Home app (Android | iOS).

Google cites the example of a user who at 10 am is reminded to “stand and stretch”, then receives a reminder to go for a walk at 2 pm and drink water at 3 pm. Before the end of the workday, the Assistant remembers that it is time to start closing things before returning home.


Another novelty announced by Google is the expansion of the features “gradually sleep” and “gradual alarm” (gentle sleep e wake) for more models of connected lamps. The function, which was already available for models of the Philips Hue line, allows to program with voice commands the automatic switching on and / or switching off of the lamps associated with the Google Home / Assistant account. Instructions for setting up compatible lamps can be found on the Google support page.

Source: Google

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