Google event: how to watch the Pixel 5 launch


This Wednesday (30), Google will hold a virtual conference to announce its newest technologies. At the event, called Google Launch Night In (“Google Launch Night”, in free translation), the company should present the new line of Pixel phones focused on 5G, in addition to other news, such as the new Google Nest.

The Google event will take place at 3 pm on Wednesday (30) and will be broadcast on the company’s YouTube channel.

New line of mobile phones from Google will present reception of the 5G signal. (Source: Google via The Verge / Reproduction)Fonte:  Google via The Verge

During the presentation, the new Google devices should be revealed in more detail, such as the new Chromecast model currently codenamed Sabrina’s development , the new line of Nest smart speakers and Pixel 5 and 4A 5G phones, all mentioned in the company’s invitation to the event.

These devices were the target of several leaks during the year and had their possible technical specifications revealed informally. However, only during the event will it be possible to confirm these data, as well as the technologies and softwares that must accompany the devices.


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