Google Meet gets noise cancellation on Android and iOS


Google announced on Monday (28) that the artificial intelligence responsible for the noise cancellation of Google Meet, began to be applied in the app on mobile devices. The news comes slowly and is limited to some G Suite accounts, including its version for schools.

Google Meet

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To be able to cancel the sounds of the meeting, leaving only the voice of the participants and without relying on specific hardware for that in the microphone, the search giant uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. The pair manage to remove unwanted sounds that range from the noise of the keyboard keys, going to the work that the neighbor decided to start during the Covid-19 pandemic, caused by the Coronavirus.

The tool is able to understand what is the voice of people and separates it from the sound that goes to the other participants of the meeting at Google Meet, which tends to work very well since the TV is not on, since on the screen there are other people talking . The same goes for meetings with other people in other rooms, who keep talking.

Noise cancellation has been available for the web version since the end of June this year and is now available for smartphones and tablets using Android, in addition to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the iOS side. Just use the official Google Meet app and activate the feature, which is turned off by default for all users.

The availability of the tool is quite limited, going only to those who have a G Suite Enterprise account and its variant for schools – the Enterprise plan costs R $ 112 per month, per user. Another limitation is geographical, with Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates out.

At this time, G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, G Suite for Education and G Suite for Nonprofits subscribers are not covered and there is no provision for them. The same goes for anyone who uses Google Meet for free, with a personal Google account.

The release of noise cancellation should take, starting today, from one to three calendar days to arrive for Google customers.

With information: Google.

Google Meet gets noise cancellation on Android and iOS

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