Google Meet receives noise cancellation on Android and iOS


Google has started distributing the noise canceling function to the Google Meet app on Android and iOS. The tool is currently available in a limited way and only users of G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education were awarded the novelty, which has not yet arrived in Brazil.

In some regions of the world, noise cancellation has been available to users of the web version of the meeting service since June. As the name implies, the new tool aims to clear the audio quality during calls made on the platform.

The Google tool uses a powerful sound recognition algorithm that separates the audio from the voice from other noises. According to tests with the technology, the software works even with high noise loads.

It is important to note that the tool can affect the audio quality and cause interference in the overall sound quality. However, as the sound cleaning is performed by an artificial intelligence, the tendency is that the results will get better and better, since the algorithm adapts and improves its operation over time.

Meet uses artificial intelligence to cancel noise during callsFonte:  G Suite

By default, noise cancellation is disabled in the mobile version of Google Meet. On both Android and iOS, the user can activate the functionality by clicking on the “More” menu and going to “Settings”.

Despite being a useful function, Meet’s noise cancellation is not yet available in Brazil. In the PC version of the service, users in our country can use other software to improve audio quality, including Krisp and Nvidia Broadcast.


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