Google wants developers to stop circumventing Play Store rules and starts demanding 30% fees – Apps


Google has announced that it is taking steps to prevent developers from circumventing Play Store rules and not paying a 30% commission on all subscription fees or payments made through their apps.

In a blog post for Android developers, Sameer Samat, vice president of Google’s product management department, says the company wants to be more transparent about its payment policies. According to the official, any developer who has an application on the Play Store will have until September 30, 2021 to migrate to Google’s payment system.

The date set for the application of the measure coincides with the launch of Android 12. In addition, the company also makes it known that through the next version of its operating system it will be easier to install apps coming from other digital stores.

It is true that the 30% commission rule is not new and Google says that 97% of all developers use their payment system. However, companies like Netflix, Spotify, Match, known as the owner of Tinder, and Epic Games have been able to bypass it, directly receiving payments from users without going through the Google system.

Remember that after Epic Games started receiving payments directly, both Google and Apple decided to expel Fortnite from their digital stores, starting an “epic” battle that appears to have no end in sight. In the case of the conflict between the creator of the battle royal and the giant of Cupertino, the process promises to “drag on” until next summer.

According to sources to which Bloomberg had access, it is very unlikely that applications from developers who do not comply with the updated rules will be removed immediately from the Play Store.

The implementation of the 30% tax on digital payments has been controversial, especially in the case of Apple, which applies its policies more strictly than Google.

The mandatory use of Apple’s own purchase system, known as IAP, for the distribution of paid digital content was recently challenged by the newly formed Coalition for App Fairness, an initiative that brings together 13 companies, business groups and entities, including Epic Games , Match and Spotify.


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