Graham brings together tens of thousands on “Day of Prayer and Repentance”


Evangelist Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham, gathered tens of thousands of people last Saturday (26) for the “Day of Prayer and Repentance” at the National Mall in Washington. The meeting extended from the Lincoln Memorial to the United States Capitol.

The prayer march was attended by Christians from all over the country. The event called the “Washington Prayer March” was attended by authorities and began with a march of almost three kilometers at noon.

Graham started to march from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol, making several stops along the way to pray specifically for the country, including political officials, police officers and civil servants from the United States.

The country’s vice president, Mike Pence, along with his wife Karen, also attended the event. Pence came to speak to the audience, reminding them of the importance of prayer. He even made the biblical quote from the verse chosen as the theme of the march, which is 2 Chronicles 7.14.

“As we are today in an ancient promise that Americans have demanded throughout our history, that if His people, who are called by His name, humble themselves and pray, and turn around, He will do as he always did, through much more. challenging times in the life of this nation. He will hear from heaven. And He will heal this land, ”he said.

Pence also recalled that Americans have always been in the habit of praying in times of turmoil, recalling Abraham Lincoln’s phrase about the value of prayer.

“Since the founding of our nation, our leaders and our people have been praying in difficult times,” he said. “Abraham Lincoln, in front of whose monument we are today, said during his time at the White House: ‘I have often been brought to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I have nowhere else to go,'” he recalled.

It was at the Lincoln Memorial that Graham prayed, saying, “Our Father and our God, we have come to say thank you. But Father, our country is in trouble. We need your help. ”

Will Graham, Franklin’s son and grandson of the late Billy Graham, prayed at the World War II Memorial and asked for God’s protection for the military worldwide.

“My grandfather understood that the battle … is on his knees,” he said. “This is where the real fight is. Make sure to pray, pray and pray. ”


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