Gretchen’s wedding becomes a social media issue


This Wednesday (30th), Gretchen and Esdras made the union official at a ceremony for 100 guests at the Espaço Náutico Marine Club, on the edge of Belém, the saxophonist’s birthplace.

Despite the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the Queen of Rebolado decided to say the famous ‘yes’ to the beloved this year, following all the parameters of security against Covid-19 released by WHO (World Health Organization).

Having fewer guests than the famous one would like, Gretchen’s children also did not attend. According to information from Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper O Dia, Gabriel, Giulia and Valentina could not go because they lived in France. Serginho and Décio live in the United States and had an impasse due to the pandemic.

Jenny Miranda lives in Rio de Janeiro and was also not present at her mother’s wedding.

Thammy Miranda and family were other faults. Andressa Ferreira, previously, had revealed that they would have appointments in São Paulo, making travel impossible.

On the other hand, the number of guests increased due to the live broadcast of the event. Through a platform, fans of the singer were able to follow the link.

In addition, the 18th celebrity wedding moved social media. On Twitter, the crowd paid tribute to Gretchen as she became one of the main characters of the most diverse memes used in Internet users’ reactions.

Check it out below:

People were eager to see the singer at the altar

Gretchen's wedding should be fair, huh?

The singer's wedding became an awaited event

The ceremony pleased the fans

As you might expect, the internet crowd is hoping for a meme from the ceremony

Not even Gretchen's marriage bond has escaped the people who love to use their reactions as a meme


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