‘Grey’s Anatomy’ will have 2 timelines to talk about covid-19; see photo


Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) wears coronavirus protective gear in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Playback / EW

De Splash, in São Paulo

29/09/2020 15h24

Meredith Gray is ready to face the new coronavirus pandemic head-on in the first image of the 17th season of “Grey’s Anatomy”, which will deal with covid-19 in a curious way: using parallel timelines.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, the episodes of the new season will be divided like this: part of the scenes will take place in the moments immediately after the finale of the 16th season; and some of them will show Gray Sloan doctors weeks and months later, fighting the pandemic.

If the pandemic had been short lived, we could have done it all in one or two episodes, but here we are, six months later. The pandemic is an integral part of the entire season. “
Krista Vernoff, showrunner de “Grey’s Anatomy”

The 17th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” opens on November 12 in the USA. In Brazil, the series is aired by Sony Channel, which left the premiere of the new episodes for January – previous seasons are also available on Netflix, Amazon and Globoplay.


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