Groom discovers cheating before marriage and goes out with bridesmaids – Brides


With only three weeks to go before the wedding, a man discovered he was being brought
by the bride and planned a great revenge. Madeleine Smith, sister of the groom (whose name has not been released), told TikTok that he threw the belongings of the future fiancee
on the street and then went out to a party with the godmothers. The videos went viral on the social network and totaled more than 2 million views.

Reproduction / TikTok

Groom celebrated with bridesmaids after discovering betrayal

Showing several clothes on the floor, Madeleine said, “My brother was going to be married in three weeks and he just found out that she is cheating on him, not fuckin ‘with the Smiths.” After that, she posted a new video showing the groom at a party with the godmothers drinking champagne.

In the video caption, the young woman wrote: “When your brother is betrayed three weeks before the wedding … you throw a party for him with all the godmothers”.

The videos
went viral on TikTok and many people wanted to know more details of the story. A third video was posted and a woman explains. “Her brother [Madeline] he was engaged and they had a bachelor party. Everyone was in Nashville, that’s when we discovered in the middle of the trip that the bride was jumping over the fence. We caught her on the phone with an ex-boyfriend. ”

The woman also said that the ex-boyfriend of the bride is a “drug dealer”, committed and that she has a son. Finally, she added that the bride’s bachelorette party turned into a bachelor party full of “hot girls” interested in the groom: “Honestly, anyone is better than his ex”.


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