GTA Online: new update brings double bonuses, discounts and free item


Good news for GTA Online fans! The new update released today (24), brought the week of Mobile Operations, which will give players 100 thousand GTA $ when completing any quests of this type, in addition to double rewards for Sale of Arms Trafficking Missions, Mobile Operation and for Serial Survival mode.

(Source: Rockstar Games / Playback)Fonte:  Rockstar Games

In addition, the Bunkers and the Operations Center are 40% off, with their modifications receiving a 40% and 35% price reduction, respectively. The vehicles also joined this wave, with the Ocelot Stromberg 30% cheaper, and Pegassi Infernus, Coil Rocket Voltic and Titan receiving a 40% discount.

Another nice detail is that those who log in to the game from September 24th to 30th will win the Warstock Cache & Carry hat, a way to show the crowd their preference for highly armored and armed vehicles!

(Source: Rockstar Games / Playback)(Source: Rockstar Games / Playback)Fonte:  Rockstar Games

But the news doesn’t stop there! If you want to try your luck and win a Declasse DR1, just go through the lobby of the Casino and Resort Diamond and spin the Wheel of Fortune. You will have a daily tour available, and a clock in the corner of the screen when you arrive at the location will tell you how much time is left before you can try again.

(Source: Rockstar Games / Playback)(Source: Rockstar Games / Playback)Fonte:  Rockstar Games

And Prime Gaming subscribers didn’t miss out on the good news! Players who link Amazon and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts will receive a unique bonus of one million GTA $ and an additional 200,000 in game currency if they play during this week, in addition to the Vespucci Canals Night Club for free, 40% discount on Yosemite Rancher and 70% in Declasse Drift Yosemite!

So how about enjoying all the benefits of GTA Online this week?


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