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There is no reason to ban privatizations, said Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, during an interview to publicize the results of the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Caged) in August. According to the minister, there is a rumor that the President of the Chamber, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), would have closed an agreement with the left not to guide privatizations. Maia’s response was short: “Paulo Guedes is unbalanced. Too bad, ”he told the Value.

  • SPE releases note in defense of new tax proposal after criticism of Maia

Guedes used the same verb that Maia used yesterday on social networks, when questioning why the minister would have banned the discussion on tax reform.

“We need to resume privatization,” said the minister, speaking about the investment agenda. Congress analyzes authorizations for the sale of state-owned companies, including Eletrobras.

Maia mocked the fact that the Economy Minister made a promise in July that he would do four major privatizations in 90 days, which did not happen.

Yesterday, the mayor questioned the reasons for the Minister of Economy to be banning the debate on tax reform. The congressman used social networks to pressure Guedes to forward the second part of the proposal to the National Congress.

On Monday, government allies indicated that the text had not yet been sent because there was no agreement with party leaders. “Why did Paulo Guedes ban the tax reform debate?”, Wrote Maia on his official Twitter page.

Without agreement with the base, the government did not send the proposal to create the tax on digital transactions along the lines of the old CPMF. There was an expectation that the text would be forwarded earlier in the week. In July, Guedes stated, at an XP Investimentos event, that Maia had banned the debate on the proposal.

Earlier this month, Maia said he broke off the conversation with Guedes after the minister vetoed members of the economic team to talk to the mayor.

During the Caged press conference, Guedes commented on economic activity. “We remain optimistic about the performance of the economy,” he said, adding that investments are on the way. He cited an estimate of R $ 1.2 trillion in investments over the next ten years. The minister congratulated the governor of Alagoas, Renan Filho, for the success in the auction of the state sanitation company.

“We reaffirm our commitment to reforms,” ​​he said. “Despite the criticisms, the truth is that Brazil worked during the crisis with a lot of energy.”

The minister went back to defending 3D (deindexation, release and untying), stating that public budgets must be under political decision, and not with 96% of the money “stamped”, as is currently the case.

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