Had to cancel the landing


The remnants of the tropical storm Sally are ravaging the coast of Nordland. The danger warning has been upgraded to orange level, in Rana municipality 1200 people are isolated and roads, ferries and the Nordlandsbanen are closed.

This afternoon, the Widerøe flight 855 from Tromsø via Stokmarknes to Bodø felt the gusts of wind. The plane was close to landing at the airport in Vesterålen, writes NRK.

But, as the video at the top of the case shows, the wind became too strong.

– The wind strength increased and became so strong that they had to interrupt the landing, go up in the air again and then fly directly to Bodø instead, says communications manager Catharina Solli in Widerøe to the state channel.

According to Avinor, flight 855 landed in Bodø at 17.26.

Earlier in the day, the gusts of wind also led to Trond-Arnt Trondsen witnessing a sensational landing at Bodø airport.

– In such weather I usually stand there, it is very spectacular to see there. The Widerøe pilots are good and this is probably a pure routine for them. No matter how harmless it is, it is fun to watch, Trondsen tells Dagbladet.

Watch the video here:

BODØ: On Monday, Trond-Arnt Trondsen stood outside Bodø airport and witnessed a spectacular landing. Video: Private
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Trondsen, who filmed the landing a little over 2 pm, says that it is especially at the end that you should watch the video carefully, as a wind ball hits the plane just before it lands.

It was Avisa Nordland that first mentioned the case.

– Those who fly in northern Norway are so well used to this weather, but it is just as spectacular to look at every time, Trondsen says to the newspaper.

Communications manager Solli tells the newspaper that the company’s pilots are well used to violent landings.

– This is another routine landing for our pilots. They are not unfamiliar with weather and wind, but they still know both their own and the aircraft’s limitations. The pilots always stay within what limits what the aircraft can withstand, says Solli.


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