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WENT TO FRIDAY’S FINAL: Alf Hagström, Nadja Holm, Paulina Pancenkov, Nova Luther, Maya Arctaedius, Mattias Nederman, Simon Karlsson, Gabriel Abdulahad, Niklas Hultberg, Indra Elg, Ella Hedström, Herman Silow are the finalists who competed on Friday. Caspar Camitz is also among the finalists, but is not in the picture. Now half are infected with the coronavirus. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT / TT NEWS AGENCY

Six of the 13 remaining participants in the Swedish “Idol” are infected with corona, writes Aftonbladet.

Last Tuesday, September 22, the first case of infection among the participants was detected.

On Friday, it became known that two more people were infected. TV4, which broadcasts “Idol” in Sweden, held an emergency meeting and decided that the participants’ performances in the broadcasts should continue to be filmed in their hotel rooms instead of in the studio.

– All participants are in quarantine after some of them have tested positive for covid-19. It is one of the necessary measures taken to prevent the spread of infection, says producer Malin Knave to Aftonbladet.

Risks disking

If they do not follow the strict rules set by production companies to prevent further spread of infection, the participants risk being sent home.

– You can not continue to participate in the competition if you do not take the isolation and restrictions seriously. We are in a serious situation, both in the “Idol” editorial office and in society. We stop putting the spread of infection and protect everyone’s health first, says Knave to Aftonbladet.

So far it has been confirmed that Caspar Camitz (25), Nadja Holm (22), Affe Hagström (21), Herman Silow (23), and Indra Elg (17) are infected. According to the Swedish newspaper, another participant has also been confirmed infected.

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– All participants are well under the circumstances. “Idol” should be as safe a recording location as possible. TV4 therefore follows the recommendations that exist and will take further necessary measures to ensure that the participants do not infect each other or others, writes Swedish TV4 on Instagram.

In addition to the six remaining participants who are infected, two more of the 22 participants who performed during the quarter-finals must also have been diagnosed with coronary heart disease, according to Aftonbladet.

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