Hamilton disappointed: “I’m really sad about it” – F1


Lewis Hamilton is very committed to social problems and that is why he appeared on the podium at Mugello with a special shirt. The t-shirt said ‘Arrest the police who killed Breonna Taylor’. An innocent black woman who was accidentally shot dead by the police in the United States because the police were very reckless in an operation.

On Wednesday, the ‘grand jury’ in Louisville sued Agent Brett Hankison for ‘unbridled threat’, which means the same as reckless violence. Hankison fired and the bullets went through the wall, hitting Taylor. Hankison is not literally charged with murder because of this.

On Instagram, the Mercedes driver talked about it. “I am very sad, but I am not surprised by this result. The police keep getting away with murder every day and it needs to stop! She was innocent and did not deserve to be shot and killed. Where’s the justice? ”

Meanwhile, Hankison was released on bail, and Hamilton continued. “It hurts to know that someone was killed and no one was held responsible. Imagine that it was your mother, your brother or sister or friend, her life mattered. ”

Basketball player Lebron James also spoke about the case and said he was not surprised by the accusation. He deeply regrets what happened and sympathized with Breonna Taylor’s family.

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