Hapvida signs memorandum to acquire 100% of Grupo Santa Filomena for R $ 45 million | Economy THE PEOPLE


VidaHapvida went public on the Stock Exchange (B3) in April 2018 (Photo: DISCLOSURE)

In yet another movement in the expansion project in the private health market in the state of São Paulo, Ceará Hapvida signed a memorandum of understanding for acquire 100% of the Santa Filomena Group for R $ 45 million. The business also includes other assets of the group, such as the health operator Filosanitas, the Hospital Santa Filomena, three medical clinics and a diagnostic imaging center, located in the city of Rio Claro-SP.

The Santa Filomena Group portfolio includes 5.5 thousand beneficiarys, 74% are for collective plans and the accident rate was 80% in 2019. The Hospital Santa Filomena is traditional in the Rio Claro region and was founded in 1937, has 73 beds, including 16 ICUs.

In a disclosure note to the market signed by the Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer, Bruno Cals de Oliveira, Hapvida says that the health region includes, in addition to Rio Claro, Limeira, São Carlos, Pirassununga, Araras and Piracicaba, with population of 2.1 million and about 840 thousand beneficiaries of private health plans.

“The transaction is geographically and operationally synergistic, since the city of Rio Claro is located 160 km from Ribeirão Preto and only 35 km from Limeira, headquarters of Medical, a company recently acquired by the Company (under approval by ANS). Medical has its own highly complex hospital with around 100 beds. In this same region, the Company has approximately 180 thousand beneficiaries in health plans, including Medical. “

The conclusion of the Transaction is subject to the successful negotiation of the respective contractual acquisition instruments and their respective formalizations, which also involves the satisfactory conduct of the legal, accounting and operational due diligence procedures still in progress, as well as the appraisal and approval by regulatory bodies.


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