Harry Potter actor is not recognized in The Devil of Every Day; Look


In quarantine times, Netflix strives to release new quality content every week. Recently, the platform celebrated the premiere of the highly anticipated thriller The Devil of Every Day, starring Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland and several other stars.

Since the announcement of its production, the Devil of Every Day has intrigued Netflix fans, mainly for its star-studded cast and interesting story and full of intriguing characters.

One of these characters is Brother Roy, a traveling preacher who is faced with a conflict of faith and begins to follow an increasingly dark path.

A lot of people didn’t notice, but Roy is played by a Harry Potter actor! Check it out below!

Among the characters in The Devil of Every Day, Brother Roy stands out as a lost soul. A man who is supposed to do everything for the glory of the Lord, goes on an extremely dangerous path when he is corrupted by the pressures of society.

Roy is played by Harry Melling. Most viewers know the actor for his performance in the Harry Potter franchise. Although it appears quite different in the Netflix film, the British lived Duda in the adventures of the little witch.

For those who don’t remember, Duda Dursley is the Muggle cousin of Harry Potter, son of Vernon and Petunia. It is he who practices bullying against Harry throughout the protagonist’s childhood and adolescence.

Melling is also well known in England for being the grandson of Patrick Troughton, interpreter of the Second Doctor of the Doctor Who series.

After appearing in 5 films in the Harry Potter saga, Melling took a vacation from the entertainment world. After a 5-year sabbatical, the actor returned to the cinema in the film The Lost City of Z, released in 2016.

In 2018, Melling participated in the award-winning film The Ballad by Buster Scruggs, produced by the Coen Brothers.

More recently, the actor had a small role in The Old Guard, an action movie released by Netflix.

On TV, Melling had praised performances in the series Merlin and His Dark Materials. The actor also participated in the television adaptation of War of the Worlds, released in 2019.

Everyday Devil is available on Netflix.


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