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LEAVING BODØ: Jens Petter Hauge in the settlement against Vålerenga, after his own penalty miss. Ulrik Saltnes on the right. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk

Steinar Nilsen (48) was the previous Norwegian who went directly from northern Norway to an adventurous life at AC Milan. He thinks Jens Petter Hauge (20) will have some aha experiences.

On Tuesday, Hauge is on his way to Italy to become a Milan player and teammate with Zlatan Ibrahimovic (soon to be 39).

– He will get a ride, André Bergdølmo jokes about how it will be for Hauge to train and play with the Swede.

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Bergdølmo played with a young Ibrahimovic in Ajax, from 2001 to 2003.

– No, it’s probably going to be a lot of fun. Zlatan is a fantastic guy who is good at taking care of everyone on the team. It will be fun, says the old hill.

– Academically, maybe there is also something to learn from Zlatan?

– He wants to do that of everyone in Milan. When you are too good for Bodø / Glimt, it is right to step out into the world. There you get teammates who can lift you to new heights. Zlatan is someone who can give some small advice, he has been the same with young players before, and he has had success with it.

WAS TEAM FRIENDS: Zlatan Ibrahimovic and André Bergdølmo same in Ajax in 2001. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk

– This is a big, big transition, and for Jens Petter it is a violent transition from what he is used to in Bodø. He comes to a city of millions and to a country where football is more or less religion. It is a tremendous amount of attention, much greater than you think before you experience it, Steinar Nilsen describes to VG.

In 1997 he went from Tromsø to Milan to play for one of football’s biggest. AC Milan currently has 18 Serie A titles and has won the most prestigious European Cup seven times.

MILAN PLAYER: Steinar Nilsen in settlement against Bolgona in December 1998. Photo: CARLO FUMAGALLI

And even though “it’s a few weeks ago” the former Tromsø and Brann coach went south, as a 25-year-old, there is still a lot that is as before in Italy.

– It will be a completely new everyday life with an attention he has not felt before. He must have good advisers around him, and focus on what is important. It is a new club with a new tactical image – and he gets completely different demands for delivery than before, Nilsen believes – who believes Hauge’s demeanor suggests that he will handle it in a fabulous way.

“Yes, yes – good luck, Steinar. And welcome home again. . . », He felt that people thought when he went to Milan in 1997. Nilsen did not get many games for the big club, but the free kick goal against rival Inter is still remembered.

The trip went on to Naples, where he became an important player from 1998-2002.

Nilsen believes Milan’s big star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, can be a tremendous inspiration for Hauge.

– Just seeing how Zlatan works and behaves in a job situation will be instructive. He is a professional at his fingertips and has delivered for a couple of twenty years now, Nilsen believes.

– Do you think he will play for the team?

– He has of course been brought in for him to take up the competition for a place on the team. First and foremost, he must have an understanding of what is required of him in the style of play, and he must get to know his teammates. It will be a completely new mood, a new culture and a more cynical everyday life than the one he is used to from the group of friends in Bodø.

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