Here it is snowing Saturday morning


The next two weeks are autumn holidays for many. In large parts of southern Norway, it starts on paper on Monday.

For many of those who have already gone to the mountains, it was snowy in the heights on Saturday morning. The picture below is from Gaustatoppen, and was posted on Gaustabanen’s Facebook pages on Saturday morning.

– Minus 3 degrees, 16 m / s wind and snow at the top today, reports the site.

SNOW: – I had hoped that it would not come until after the autumn holidays. But it does not create any problems for us, says general manager of Gaustabanen, Halvor Haukaas to Telemarksavisa.
Photo: (Gaustabanen)

24 hours earlier it was completely different:

Click on the image to enlarge. WIND QUIET: Friday morning it was completely different at Gaustatoppen.

WIND QUIET: Friday morning it was completely different at Gaustatoppen.
Photo: (Gaustabanen)

Snowfall in some places notwithstanding, the temperatures have not been particularly low considering that October is approaching:

– There have been a lot of clouds, so it has not been very low temperature at night, says on-duty meteorologist Terje Alsvik Walløe to Nettavisen, but adds:

– There has been some local frost in the Inland and Northern Norway. In southern Norway, you have to go up a bit to find minus degrees. The precipitation last night came as snow some distance up the mountain, says Alsvik Walløe.

On the way to his office in Oslo, he has nevertheless felt the slightly cool temperatures on Saturday morning, also at sea level:

– Here it is only eight degrees. So it’s cool – the first proper autumn day it feels like, says Walløe.

Click on the image to enlarge.

SNOW: This is what it looks like at Valdresflya on Saturday morning.
Photo: (Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

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The cold will still not last, he promises:

– It will be milder in the days to come, this is the coolest day in the foreseeable future. Today it will be a maximum of 10 degrees in Oslo, but in the days ahead we will probably look up to 15 degrees, but it depends on how much sunshine we get. If the sun rises, for example in Østfold, it can quickly get up to 17-19 degrees here on Monday.

Most of the precipitation clouds in Eastern Norway were emptied last night, Walløe says:

– There is not much left, but you can still get a little rainfall Østafjells at the beginning of the day Sunday.

Click on the image to enlarge. SNOW COVER: Between 10-15 centimeters of snow at Vasstulan in Uvdal municipality.

SNOW COVER: Between 10-15 centimeters of snow at Vasstulan in Uvdal municipality.
Photo: Sindre Ånonsen

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The rest of the country gets away cheaper:

– Tomorrow there will be general stay weather over almost the whole country. Western Norway, for example, will have good temperatures in the future. The warmest places can approach 20 degrees tomorrow and on Monday.

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The mild air also blows further north in the country, especially in central Norway, while meteorologists on Twitter report that it can be cold in the far north of the country until Sunday night:

– Here it will be frost in the inner areas, both in Troms and Finnmark, but also here it will be milder in the coming days. Northern Norway will actually have the best weather next week, together with Central Norway, Walløe concludes.


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