Here’s what to expect from Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix


After making a huge success as the Eleven of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown won over Netflix fans with her performance in Enola Holmes, a film recently released by the platform. The feature was highly praised by specialized critics, and stood out among the most viewed on the platform.

Enola Holmes, the protagonist, is the younger sister of the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes, this time played by Henry Cavill. The feature also features Sam Claflin as Myrcroft Holmes and Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria, the eccentric matriarch of the family.

Fans who have already checked out the electrifying story of Enola Holmes just want to know one thing: will the film continue?

If so, what can fans expect from the sequel? Check it out below!

Enola Holmes ends in an open way, and offers the possibility of producing sequences, something that is already being discussed by the director with Netflix.

In the end of the film, Enola discovers the real culprit for Visconte Tawkesbury’s assassination attempts, as well as reuniting with her mother and understanding the motivations behind Eudoria’s disappearance.

In an interview published shortly after Enola Holmes’ Netflix debut, director Harry Bradbeer revealed that he is already negotiating with the platform to produce a sequel.

“We already discussed that. I can’t say that! It would be crazy to say that, but it is true. We would love for that to happen. Would be wonderful. We have the energy to make five more films. The plot is extraordinary, and this historical period is even better ”, commented the director.

Netflix spent 2020 releasing movies that could give rise to successful franchises. Proceedings for Rescue, with Chris Hemsworth and Double Change, with Mark Wahlberg, have already been ordered.

In addition, the minds behind The Old Guard and Project Power have also made it clear that more stories are to come.

Millie Bobby Brown also commented on the possibility of reprising her performance in a recent interview.

“In the beginning, my intention was to make only one film. But when I started recording I fell in love with Enola, and she became part of my heart ”, revealed the actress.

In the protagonist, Brown found great depth and potential for evolution, more than in any other project.

“I always said that I loved playing Eleven on Stranger Things because I can live it constantly. With the Enola Holmes book series, I am really optimistic for the future. I want to get back to work as soon as possible, ”said Millie Bobby Brown.

As the story of Enola Holmes is based on a literary saga by writer Nancy Springer, which has 6 books, there are still many plots to be adapted for the small screen.

The literary history of Enola Holmes has already ended, and had a very impressive ending. In the six books, Enola develops as a woman and unveils some of the most interesting cases in England, sometimes with the help of Sherlock.

In addition, the series can adapt other elements of the detective world. In one of the books, for example, Enola looks for Dr. Watson, who has mysteriously disappeared. In another volume, the character meets the writer Florence Nightingale.

Enola Holmes is available on Netflix.


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