Hering announces closure of activities in Rio Grande do Norte | large northern river


Cia. Hering confirmed on Monday (21) that it will end its activities in Rio Grande do Norte. The factory that operated in Parnamirim, in the Metropolitan Region of Natal, will be closed and contracts will also be closed with the 22 small sewing factories in Seridó potiguar that produced for the company and that generate about 500 jobs.

According to the company, the decision is made by “adapting production, jeans and light parts, which from September onwards will be managed by the company’s sourcing”. This derives from a logistical study carried out by Cia. Hering that “aims at improving important indicators of the operation, such as reducing lead time”.

“In this scenario, the production unit located in Rio Grande do Norte will have its activities closed. We would like to thank all the employees who were part of the history of the Company in this unit,” the company said in a statement. The total closure of activities takes place within 90 days.

Cia. Hering opened the factory in Rio Grande do Norte, specifically in the city of Parnamirim, in 2009. In addition, it already worked with “factions” (sewing workshops) outsourced in the state. The company did not say how many employees will be affected by the closure of activities.

In a note, the Federation of Industries of Rio Grande do Norte (Fiern) lamented the departure of the factory in the state. The organization said that it met with the company’s management and the State Secretariat for Economic Development to make an appeal to avoid the cancellation of small industries in the interior and for the continuation of activities in Rio Grande do Sul.

“Unfortunately, Hering’s management reported the losses that were already occurring, significantly aggravated by the closing of stores – throughout Brazil – due to the Covid-19 pandemic, considering that the majority were located in shopping center environments. Who decides, in fact, the size of the production of any company is the market. Intervention is not possible “, said in a note to Fiern.

For the federation, the time is to seek new customers for the small factories in the interior that worked for Hering.

“Therefore, if Hering, for market reasons, is repositioning its business, we should jointly look for new customers for the sewing workshops that are strategic and relevant cells for generating employment and income, indispensable for the economic development of Rio Grande do Norte” .


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