‘He’s playing his game’


During the dawn of today, in “A Fazenda 2020”, Lipe Ribeiro chatted with Lucas Cartolouco about the game floor in RecordTV reality and advised him to be smart with Biel.

In a conversation outside the house, the businessman told the journalist that he was seeing the funker focused on his individual game and using it to gain strength in moments like voting.

“I know you love Biel, but I will tell you whether you like it or not. In the beginning, I opened my head to meet and see him for everything he went through and I knew. However, some things he says is kind of boastful. As he already spoke to Jojo. He didn’t really do anything in the punishment. He fucked the whole house and I was carrying a bucket. He didn’t tell you he was going to be pulled into the stall, did he? “, He asked.

“Boy, I didn’t know that Biel was going to be pulled by Rodrigo. I said ‘guys, you put me to be shot from everywhere’. I thought I was going to the field. I hate fighting with people, but I didn’t want to expose, “revealed Cartolouco.

“I was sure I didn’t tell you. He was very rascal. He’s playing his game and needs someone. He doesn’t want to put a rope on it. In my opinion, I prefer not to take it off as a player. That’s why I told you that you fell for the real game “, added Lipe.

The businessman returned to demand Cartolouco’s attention since he is receiving a lot of criticism and revealed to have given up on having a closer approach to the singer.

“You’re taking a beating from everything that is on the side. Be smart. He doesn’t give a smack, you give it and he’s taking it for both of them. Man, I already gave up and maybe that’s why (we’re far away). He’s a kid who doesn’t has humility “, he lamented.

“I am talking because you are getting lost in the game. There is still time to recover (…) How good will it be? How long will it take you to go to the farm and get your foot in here? You have to call, damn it!”, He finished.

Fazenda 2020: Who should leave the farm and become the farmer of the week?



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