Horoscope for Tuesday 29 September 2020


Check out the horoscope forecast for September 28, 2020 and stay on top of everything your sign has in store for love, money and health.

ARIES – March 21 to April 20

Love: You would do well to take advantage of all the energies you are receiving from the stars to fully enjoy your life. Even if you found love in someone special …

Money & Work: The day promises to be very rewarding, the stars will provide you with favorable events that will help you do well in everything. You can make significant progress in your professional life and, if you accept the changes …Continue reading the sign Aries

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BULL – April 21 to May 20

Love: The forecast for the affairs of the heart could not be better, a love will arise in your life that will fill you with hope and happiness in the same measure. That person is who you were …

Money & Work: In the workplace, things will go well for you on this day. He planned his actions with wisdom and rationality, with that, not only will he be able to solve problems more efficiently, but he will also obtain better results …Continue reading the sign Taurus

TWINS – May 21st to June 20th

Love: You are determined to find love, but you must know that it is not about commitment, but about openness and trust. If you relax and send that message to the Universe …

Money & Work: In the professional field, it will be difficult for you to make some decisions, but after doing this you will rest knowing that you have done your best. At times like this, it is important that you follow your instincts. On the other hand, who…Continue reading the sign Gemini

CANCER – June 21 to July 21

Love: If you were already thinking that you would never meet the person of your dreams, this day has a unique surprise reserved for you. The place where you will find that special being that awaits you …

Money & Work: You want to face new professional challenges, you are seriously considering taking an online course to acquire new skills that will increase your work capacity. Without a doubt, it is a…Continue reading the sign Cancer

LION – July 22 to August 22

Love: You know the direction to reach the heart of the person you love, but you will have to deal with some obstacles on the road. Fortunately, your feelings are strong and not even…

Money & Work: You will be on the best day of the week in professional matters. You will have a very agile thinking, you will find good ideas when the situation gets complicated and you can resolve obstacles quickly. Pay attention to your…Continue reading the sign Leo

VIRGIN – August 23 to September 22

Love: You will enjoy a good day at the sentimental level. If you want to have that someone by your side and who knows that he also feels something for you, just let yourself be seduced. Play with your charm, that…

Money & Work: In your profession you will notice how much your talent will be demanded, so stay tuned and don’t neglect your words or your diplomacy. Nobody will give you anything. Put your feet on the ground and don’t waste time dreaming …Continue reading the sign Virgo

LIBRA – September 23 to October 22

Love: Find support in a person who, although for many you are just good friends, you know that in fact you have a special bond that differentiates you from other people …

Money & Work: You will have many issues to resolve in the professional field. You will be proud to be able to do everything. It will be very easy for you to combine all the tasks of the day and still have time to plan tomorrow’s agenda. On the plan…Continue reading the Libra sign

SCORPIO – October 23 to November 21

Love: You are in a very constructive and mature day when it comes to love. Your ability to listen and pay attention to the person you care about will be improved and you will do everything…

Money & Work: The sky will stimulate you professionally on this day. Finally, you will be able to reap the fruits of that harvest that you have been doing so hard in the last months or even in the last years. If you are offered a…Continue reading the sign Scorpio

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 to December 21

Love: It is a good time for love. Romantic life and seduction are favored by astral configurations. Someone you know from your circle of friends is trying to get closer…

Money & Work: The stars will multiply your ambition and your workforce. Your professional life will be very lively without you having to make a lot of efforts. Take advantage of that day to deal with your money problems …Continue reading the sign Sagittarius

CAPRICORN – December 22 to January 20

Love: If you are waiting to find that special someone who will fill every corner of your heart, it may have already happened and you haven’t realized it yet. Look around you, many …

Money & Work: The day is full of good influences in the economic field, and important problems related to the family will be solved. It is also a good time to take the first steps to find solutions for your…Continue reading the sign Capricorn

AQUARIUM – January 21st to February 19th

Love: You will feel more attractive and vital than on other days. The will to act and to go in search of winning that love will be stronger than ever. The Moon increases your chances of …

Money & Work: Let nothing or anyone stop you at work, you are very clear about your goals and the sacrifices you have to make to reach them. Get rid of everything that gets in the way, especially the envy of colleagues … Continue reading the sign Aquarius

FISH – February 20th to March 20th

Love: He will admit that he likes a close person, someone who for the time being only joins them in a beautiful friendship. You will strengthen the foundations of your relationship and build on it…

Money & Work: You have a keen business sense. His universe is expanding and he can reach places he had never thought of before. Anyway, don’t let yourself be invaded by arrogance or you will throw away everything you have …Continue reading Pisces


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