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Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hospital Unimed Primavera (HUP) has been dedicated almost exclusively to facing this which is already considered the worst disease of the 21st century. With its increased service volume, HUP reached an average of 200 people per day, and its highest peak was on July 15, when it performed 293 calls. Currently, HUP has registered a drop of more than 50% in the total of services, compared to the period of greatest pandemic peak. With more than 700 patients recovered and the worst phase of the pandemic passed, HUP began, in early August, the implementation of the first phase of its Resumption Plan for non-Covid-19 urgent and emergency care and surgeries.

Hospital Unimed Primavera, north of Teresina – Photo: Ascom Unimed Teresina

“We carried out the implementation of the first phase of our Resumption Plan, which provided for the start of urgent and emergency clinical and surgical activities for non-Covid-19 patients. In order to guarantee the safety of our patients and the entire team of professionals at the Hospital, we strictly follow the flows developed, studied and approved by the HUP Committee for Resumption and Hospital Infection Control (SCIH). Everything happened as planned, ”said Dr. Rafael Correia Lima, technical director at HUP.

As of August 17, HUP started the implementation of the second phase of the Recovery Plan. At this stage, elective surgery was resumed, following all the criteria established in the Plan.

“As a way of giving even more security to our entire hospital community, we are conducting the test for the detection of Covid-19 in all inpatients. In addition, we completely separated the patient transport flow, with exclusive elevators and ramps, avoiding the crossing and contamination of patients and employees. All of these measures are important and are guaranteeing a safe and peaceful return for everyone ”, explained the director.

Hospital Unimed Primavera
Technical director: Dr. Rafael Correia Lima (CRM-PI 3681)


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